"Everything-Done-For-You" Program Information Sheet by Michele Swinick

Welcome To Our Innovative and Comprehensive "Everything-Done-For-You" Purpose-Driven Business Partnership & Marketing Experience

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Promos For A Purpose

Promos For A Purpose provides small business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers and corporations with ways to support charitable causes and promote their brands at the same time through our innovative, β€œEverything-Done-For-You”,  Purpose-Driven Business Partnership & Marketing Experience.  The journey begins by sharing their stories through our strategic signature 7-minute conversation style interview featured on the β€œEverything Home” Talk Radio Show, Podcast & Patriotic Purpose Driven Resource Platform . . . Hosted by, Michele Swinick, "The Queen of Quality Content."

Our comprehensive, customized, long-term partnership experience combines digital marketing, cause marketing, influencer marketing, relationship marketing, purpose-driven content marketing, socially conscious/responsible marketing, corporate social responsibility, media campaigns, strategic alliances, networking, membership communities, cross promotion, online and in-person connections, live and virtual events, marketing plan implementation and management, and much more.

You'll also be showcased on our Patriotic Purpose Driven Resource Platform in multiple locations:  Everything Home Socially Conscious Referral Network & Marketplace, Everything Home Talk Radio Show & Podcast Episode Page and applicable Category Page, Partners & Patriots Page, Nonprofit Organizations Page, Blog Page, and various pages of our ReOpen America Resource Center.  "Everything Home" is listed on 14 podcast players, with an international audience spanning 40 countries.

We make it easier than ever to join this new purpose-driven model and movement, which is transforming how businesses operate, market and serve customers, clients and the community.

A definite WIN-WIN for the business, their customers, clients, and trustworthy nonprofits!

We're putting the "REAL" back into Relationships

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"Everything-Done-For-You" Program Information Sheet

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EVERYTHING HOME . . . The Transformational Show & Platform about 
Good People πŸ˜‡ doing Good Business πŸ’Έ & Good Things πŸ‘

We are your trustworthy resource for sharing personal stories and quality content conveyed with a hint of humor & a supersized side of sincerity. Why? To enhance the quality of your life, give you more professional, personal and financial freedom, and to promote patriotism.

How do we define "HOME"?  It's much more than a place to live.  It’s the foundation for EVERYTHING in your life - from its structure and contents, to what goes on inside and outside of it, and most importantly, what goes on inside of YOU.  To ensure your foundation is as solid as can be, each week, Michele Swinick, "The Queen of Quality Content", interviews various experts, entrepreneurs, professionals & purpose-driven people to share their stories, passions and provide real-life, tangible takeaways.

Her diverse background makes her the ideal host to handle a wide range of topics, such as "Home Improvement", personal development, health and wellness, business, nonprofits, legal issues, lifestyle, Veteran's support, marketing, current events and much more.

Time is your most valuable asset. That’s why we’re spending our time researching the messages that matter, from the people you need to know about.  We all face challenges . . . and we are here to offer tips, solutions, inspiration and entertainment, so you can navigate through everything and grow, better yet - SOAR - to your highest potential. The information will transform your "Home" into its greatest version possible, and supply the tools to create your best and most fulfilling life!

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